A dynamic, thriving, learning community.

You are welcome with us

Serpell Primary School is a dynamic, thriving, learning community made up of a diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Parents, staff and students share a common goal: the commitment to educational excellence and personal growth. In partnership, we have developed a distinctive philosophy based on the maximisation of individual potential and the recognition that we are a community of learners.

Serpell Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to www.study.vic.gov.au.

We are committed to offering learning opportunities that promote a thinking culture, cater for individual learning styles, engage and extend our students, develop independence, resilience and collaborative learning.

Wilma Culton, Principal

For Prospective Parents

Serpell Primary School has a strong tradition in the provision of excellence in educational standards and the development of students who strive and achieve success in academic, artistic and sporting arenas.

Set in the picturesque landscape of Templestowe, 15 km east of Melbourne, the school provides for both the local and international community through extensive programs that stimulate learning, creativity and imagination. The school is experienced in assisting students to make the smooth transition from international and interstate school systems.

Term Dates


2023Start dateFinish date
Term 130 January (students return)28 March
Term 215 April28 June
Term 315 July20 September
Term 47 October20 December

Source: School term dates and holidays in Victoria

Prep Enrolments 2025

Prep enrolment for 2024 is now closed.

Prep 2025 enrolment and tours open in February 2024.


To be eligible to enrol for Prep 2025, your child will need to turn 5 years of age by 30th April 2025.

School Tours

In order to assist you in making this very important and exciting decision, we organise school tours in February-March 2024.  These will enable you to see the school at work and to ask questions of the Principal and Assistant Principals. 

School Tour Dates - Term 2

  • Friday 19th April 10am
  • Friday 26th April 10am
  • Thursday 2nd May 10am
  • Friday 10th May 10am

Tours will leave promptly from the school office at 10am on each occasion. No booking necessary.

Enrolment Process

Enrolments for 2025 will open Term 2 online

Enrolments are due by the 26th of July 2024.

Digital Enrolment

This year our school is using an online system for new enrolments to Victorian government schools called VicStudents.

VicStudents is available for students who are enrolling in a Victorian Government School for the first time. This includes Foundation (Prep) enrolments for 2025.

VicStudents has been assessed by the Department of Education to a high degree of security in line with the Victorian Protective Data Security Standards and is compliant with ISO 27001, the leading international standard for information security.

To commence online enrolment: 

Visit  https://students.educationapps.vic.gov.au/s/ to create an account and complete the online application form. Please ensure that all documents required are attached to the application. 

Acceptance Criteria

Enrolments will be accepted according to the following criteria:

  1. Families living in the School Zone (guaranteed acceptance).
  2. Students who have siblings studying at Serpell currently (guaranteed acceptance).
  3. Families living in the City of Manningham (limited vacancies - accepted according to school proximity and receipt of enrolment).

Documentation required includes:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport and visa as appropriate.
  • An immunisation certificate (this can be added later as the vaccinations are completed).
  • Proof of the address of family residence (utility bill to family name/lease agreement).
  • The school enrolment zone can be found on the Find My School website.

Confirmation of Enrolment

Enrolments will be confirmed by the Principal in writing.

Transition Program

A Transition Program will be held in Term 4, 2024 for all Preps commencing in 2025.

International School

Serpell Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to https://www.study.vic.gov.au/en/Pages/default.aspx .

Accreditation with The Council of International Schools (CIS) gives Serpell parents assurance that their child has access to an international standard of education and that our school is committed to ongoing improvement through a rigorous cycle of school review by an internationally recognised body.

Accreditation is gained through the demonstrated meeting of internationally agreed standards of governance, philosophy, curriculum, staffing, community life, resources and student services. The same standards apply, whether the school is in Paris, London, Singapore or Serpell. Formal reviews take place each 5 years. We were most recently re-accredited in 2018.

Parents will be particularly pleased to know that Serpell will remain within the government system and the school fees structure will remain unchanged.

International Students Studying in Victoria

The Victorian school system strives to build on an already impressive reputation; with quality teachers, a diverse curriculum, students from many different backgrounds and expansive learning spaces that bring out the best in everyone.

​Victorian government schools are a destination of choice for international students from all over the world. Our schools provide international students with an excellent education, outstanding English language tuition and caring welfare support services. To learn more about studying and living in Victoria as an international student, see: www.study.vic.gov.au

How to apply

Most international students must apply to the Department of Education in order to study in a Victorian government school. To learn about the application types and to apply, see: https://www.study.vic.gov.au/en/how-to-apply/Pages/default.aspx

Contact our school

For more information about international students, please contact the below staff member.

International Student Coordinator (ISC): Nikki Wheeler

Phone: +61 3 9842 8182

Email: serpell.ps@education.vic.gov.au

Serpell Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education, 00861K). For more information, see: www.study.vic.gov.au

Forms and Policies

Personal Details and Health Forms

For authorising Serpell P.S. staff to administer medication.

Serpell Primary School Policies

School Privacy Policy - The Department of Education and Training website

About us

Students at our school are taught the skills to strive for excellence, work co-operatively with others, behave respectfully and to value their cultural heritage.

The ultra modern design of the school facilities provides a quiet, secure learning environment and promotes a sense of belonging and identification with school culture.

Interactive technology in each classroom enables students to communicate readily on-line through the internet and to develop sophisticated research and visual literacy skills.

Extensive sporting facilities enable students to develop outstanding skills in a broad range of sports.

The school has over 1,100 students. There are 48 classes and the average class size is 23 pupils. There are 7 Prep classes, with an average of 21 students per class.


As a future focussed International School, Serpell is striving to develop our students as contributing global citizens.

We build confidence in understanding the ways that language, nationality, ethnicity and religion shape people and communities and we encourage our students to be multi lingual and maintain their language of origin.  

We have a sister school in China, the Jin Chang Foreign Language Experimental School in Suzhou. We have a highly successful student and teacher exchange program for students in Year 6. This program has allowed us to enrich our teaching program at Serpell and the build global relationships between the students, staff, families and schools.

Individual Support

We offer a range of individual support programs to assist each student in reaching their potential.

These include:

  • Reading Recovery
  • Early Years Literacy & Numeracy
  • Extensive Gifted & Talented Programs
  • Program for students with Special Needs

School Camps

All students from Years 3 to 6 are encouraged to attend school camp each year. The program aims to develop physical skills, resilience, a capacity to take on challenge, social relationships and a study of environments and habitats.

This year, the camping program is as follows:

Year 3 - Camp Weekaway, 1 night

Year 4 - CYC Camp, Phillip Island, 2 nights

Year 5 - Camp Rumbug, Foster, 2 nights

Year 6

  • Camp Coonawarra, 4 nights
  • China exchange, 2 weeks (optional), visiting Beijing, Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai.

Student Achievements

Serpell Primary School continues its record of excellence. Successes in 2019 have included:

National Mathematics Talent Quest

  • Victorian Winner Serpell Primary - Prep AA “Jack and the Mathematical Beanstalk.”

International Competition for Schools (ICAS) Certificates of Achievement


  • 34 High Distinctions
  • 97 Distinctions
  • 152 Credits
  • 50 Merits
  • 135 Participation


  • 21 High Distinctions
  • 66 Distinctions
  • 137 Credits
  • 37 merits
  • 180 Participation


  • 4 Medal Winners
  • 21 High Distinctions
  • 64 Distinctions
  • 124 Credits
  • 37 Merits
  • 143 Participation


  • 13 High Distinctions
  • 3 Distinctions
  • 133 Credits
  • 44 Merits
  • 130 Participation

Science Talent Search

  • 8 Major Bursaries
  • 4 Minor Bursaries
  • 7 Distinctions
  • 4 Merits

Performing Arts – “Wakakirri”

  • Most Creative Use of Materials of Sets and Props
  • Best Individual Makeup and Hair


  • 2018 Robo Cup Junior Victoria State Champions “Simple Simon Soccer.”

Sporting Achievements

Badminton Victoria All Schools Open Division

  • Champions 2019

Eastern District Futsal Champions

  • Primary Girls Champions 2019

VPSSA District Championships

  • Girls’ Rounders – 1st
  • Girls’ Teeball – 1st
  • Girls’ Netball – 1st
  • Bat Tennis – 1st
  • Mixed Rounders – 2nd
  • Hot Shots – 2nd
  • Mixed Teeball – 2nd
  • Girls’ Volleyball – 2nd
  • Basketball – TBA
  • Cricket - TBA

Eastern Division Championships

  • Girls’ Netball – 1st
  • Girls’ Teeball – 1st
  • Girls’ rounders – TBA

Regional Championships

  • Girls’ Teeball – 2nd
  • Girls’ netball – 3rd

Student Council

Serpell Primary has a strategic priority in the development of student voice, agency and leadership. An active Student Representative Council is in place comprising an elected member from each Year Prep to 6 class. Councillors are elected for a six-month term of office, so that two students from each class have the chance to experience Council each year. School Captains are elected by their Year 6 peers annually.

The School Captains chair the weekly Council meetings. The Council is responsible for providing a voice for the student body in making ongoing improvements to school resources and supporting student well being. A Senate operates as a House of Review. The Senate members are the students elected House Captains of Blackburn, Anderson, Reynolds and King. The student council also operates sub-committees in Values, Environment and Social Action.

Recent initiatives of the Council are:

  • Sponsoring a Child in Africa and Australia
  • The Rubbish Free Lunch
  • Walk to School Program
  • Christmas Appeal
  • Water Conservation

"My favorite activity is sport. I really enjoy it and I have been involved in many teams this term.” Carlee, aged 11

Helmet element


Our classroom programs include English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography.

Sport, Visual Arts, Music Dance and Drama, and Literature programs are taken by all students.

We conduct weekly Mandarin and Greek language classes. These are offered as advanced classes for first language learners and as cultural classes for non-speakers.

English and Mathematics


English is the subject of greatest emphasis in our school. Students at Serpell study English and communication skills through the areas of Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing. Ten hours per week are allocated to this vital subject, with the prime hours of 9am - 11am daily devoted to classroom teaching of literacy skills. In addition to the traditional skills in literacy, Serpell P.S places strong emphasis on students acquiring sophisticated skills in IT literacy, critical thinking and public speaking.


The teaching of numeracy skills is a program of critical importance and is taught for 5 hours per week, with one hour per day allocated from classroom teaching time, normally from 11.20 - 12.20. Mathematics covers the areas of space, number, measurement, reasoning & strategies and chance & data.

Science, History and Geography

Science and Technology

This is a high profile subject at Serpell, which explores the fields biological, chemical, earth & space and physical science. The students learn to observe, investigate, analyse, reason, question and seek solutions. The Prep students have their own Environmental Science Garden to observe weather changes and the life cycles of plants. The school is also actively developing the Inquiry Based Learning approach to thinking skill development.

History and Geography

In these subjects, students learn to explore and develop knowledge and understandings of their community, society and natural environment.

Languages and Culture

The languages taught at Serpell are:

  • Mandarin
  • Greek

As a school community we celebrate diverse religious and cultural events. These include: The Lunar New Year, Persian New Year, Eid, Hanukkah, Greek Easter, Easter, Christmas and Diwali.

Specialist Teaching

Sport, Visual Arts, Music Dance and Drama, and Literature programs are taken by all students.

Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education is taken for one hour each week and develops skills in movement & co-ordination, to promote the acquisition of healthy behaviours and relationships. At Years 3 to 6, all students are also involved in at least one hour of sport per week. Students at all year levels experience swimming lessons as a part of the curriculum. Serpell Primary was recently honoured to be presented with the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Outstanding Achievement in Physical Education & Sports Award.

Visual Arts

All students experience one hour of Visual Arts each week. They develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, construction and art appreciation.

Music Dance and Drama

This program provides specific teaching in the expressive arts and develops skills in performance & appreciation. Students are provided with contexts to celebrate and demonstrate their developing skills through a range of concerts and school productions.


Students study literature and develop research skills in a modern computerised library.


Reasoning and conceptual skills are critical in preparing students for the 21st century where technology and social interactions are continually changing.

“School is cool!" Melanie, aged 9

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Parents are actively involved in our programs and the school community.

Parents' Comments

A selection of recent comments from our parent group:

"The high standard of education is most important."

"We chose Serpell because it is a professional community that provides energy and drive for its students, teachers and parents. The benchmarks are high."

"We liked the peaceful surroundings and the multicultural style of the school. The children all seem to come from families that respect and value learning."

Parent Association

An overview of the Serpell Primary School Parent Association role, structure, meetings, committees, events and fundraising.


(i) To facilitate a sense of community within the school
(ii) Fund-raising arm


The P/A is made up of Executive Office Bearers(President,Vice-President,Secretary,Treasurer and School Council Representative) and General Committee Members(unlimited).


(i) These are held monthly, in the mornings commencing at 9am for about one and a half hours.
(ii) The Annual General Meeting(AGM) is held yearly during which time the positions of Executive Office Bearers and General Committee Members are conducted and decided.


These are decided as and when the need arises.At present we have the following sub-committees:

(i) Book Club
(ii)2nd Hand Uniform
(iii)School Banking
(iv)Entertainment Books
(v)Lost Property
(vi)Health Centre Laundry
(viii)Fund Raising
(x)Class Representatives

On-Going Activities (fund raising)

 (i)   2nd Hand Uniforms
 (ii)  Scholastic Book Club
 (iii)  School Banking

School Council

The School Council is responsible for the governance of the school.

It has provision for 15 members; 8 parents, 4 teachers, 1 Parent Association member, 1 community member and the Principal as Executive Officer. School Council meets on the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the school staffroom. It operates sub-committees in Education, Finance, Facilities and Alumni.  Elections are held in March each year and are traditionally very well contested.

The current Serpell School Council is as follows:

PresidentMarjan Hajjari
Vice PresidentLu Shen
TreasurerFlora Liu
SecretaryLauren Faulkner
Parent Association RepresentativeChristine Shihata
Executive OfficerWilma Culton
MembersDerick Chong
Clare Chi
Nerida Mason
Ashley Stephens
Valeri Lai
Suhaila Abdelqader
Daniel Packett
Kristele Kluke
Costa Kotsiras

Classroom Helpers

Serpell highly values the contribution that parents make to the school. The Early Years team leader runs training courses for parents in the teaching and learning of literacy and numeracy. Following graduation, parents are able to work in their child's class as a small group facilitator. The benefits for parents include an enhanced understanding of the learning process, skills to assist students at school and at home and an understanding of how their child works at school. It is also a wonderful experience for children to see how well school and home connect.

Outside School Hours Care

Camp Australia

Before and After School Care is provided by Camp Australia:

To find out more visit the Camp Australia - Serpell Primary School page at:

Camp Australia have a YouTube introduction video you can watch here:

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We encourage you to telephone for an appointment to personally tour the school at work.

The selection of a school for your child is of paramount importance.

Serpell Primary School

Tuckers Road, Templestowe, Victoria 3106, Australia

Telephone: (03) 9842 8182
Fax: (03) 9841 5466

International telephone: +61 3 9842 8182
International fax: +61 3 9841 5466

Email: serpell.ps@education.vic.gov.au

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