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Read comments from some of our students.

My goal is to improve my reading so that my teacher will say that I am brilliant reader. Rahu, aged 6.

My goal next term is to get better at quizzes because I want to be a TV star. Manasi, aged 6.

I want to learn to speak Chinese in LOTE so that if I go to a Chinese restaurant, I can order in Chinese. Elly, aged 6.

My goal is to get better at punctuation marks because I normally put them in the wrong places. I also want to put them in the right places so that people can read my writing. Tiffany, aged 6.

My personal qualities are that I consider ideas, I am kind and I can contribute ideas. Hayden, aged 8.

I have achieved improvement by looking in the dictionary whenever I come upon a word that I don't know and by practising longer. Michael, aged 9.

Joining the Chorus is a great experience for talented dancers like me! I love to dance, even if I don't like to sing. Dancing is a hobby of mine and so is drawing - I just can't stop. In a co-operative working groups I always use my drawing skills to my advantage. James, aged 11.

My favorite activity is sport. I really enjoy it and I have been involved many teams this term. Carlee, aged 11.

I complete all of my work in English rotations and they are fun. I need to improve on my spelling and grammar. I read most of the time but right now I am trying to find a book that I actually like. Jesse, aged 11.

School is cool!. Melanie, aged 9.

I need more practice with remembering my lunch order and computer skills. Hayden, aged 8.