We are a 2nd generation Australian family

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"We feel that the teaching of Greek at Serpell reinforces our second language and our cultural beliefs."

"We want our children to be happy and well adjusted and we find that Serpell provides a diverse and accepting community."

"The children’s grandparents are pleased that they are maintaining and celebrating their Greek culture."

Serpell teaches Greek as a Language Other Than English for one hour each week. The students at each year level from Prep - 6 who have selected Greek as their LOTE are divided for classes into Greek and non Greek background. This allows the students with Greek heritage to study at an advanced level, to celebrate their shared culture and to incorporate traditions into their studies.

Serpell is also fortunate in having several teachers on staff of Greek background. This means that if your child has been cared for in their Pre-school years by grandparents and that they are strongly bilingual, they are able to be placed in class with a bilingual teacher. For several of our children this has been a most supportive environment.

Special features through the year in the celebration of Greek LOTE include:

- Naming Days
- Multicultural Days
- Recognition of Religious Days